Our Story

Anna Richey (L) & Alla Ouvarova (R)

The idea of starting a company to sell liquid egg white in retail in the UK and Ireland came to me while I was living in Los Angeles. I was struck by the popularity of egg white in America and was aware that we didn’t have such a product in England.

On my return to the UK I spoke with my friend Alla who really liked the idea and saw that there was a gap in the market.

We came across numerous magazine articles that recommended eating ‘skinny’ egg white omelettes to stay in shape and included quotes from celebrities and sports stars advocating eating egg white on a regular basis. In addition, we knew of plenty of people (ourselves included) who were separating eggs and would benefit from being able to buy liquid egg white.

We were therefore convinced there would be a market for it. We set up Anna Alla Ltd to sell Two Chicks convenient egg products.

We have recently expanded our line to include a liquid whole egg and a healthy snacking product — Chirps — high protein bites made with egg white.

Two Chicks products now also sell overseas in France, Holland, Hong Kong and the United Arab Emirates.