5 top tops to enjoy the festive season without gaining weight!

So the party season is very nearly upon us, and our social calendars begin to fill up with festive lunches, dinners, drinks and gatherings. Whilst Christmas is a wonderful time of year, full of fun and laughter, it isn’t well known for doing our waistlines any good. If you’d like to enjoy the festive season the healthier way, then we have put together 5 top tips to help you.

1. Plan ahead. If you know you have a big meal with friends for dinner, then plan a lighter breakfast and lunch. So rather than your usual toast and cereal for breakfast, you could try a fat free egg white omelette. For lunch, rather than your usual takeaway sandwich you could opt for a low calorie soup. Taking this approach means your overall calorie intake is likely to remain the same, and you can enjoy your festive celebration guilt free!


2. Up your exercise. OK, so this one isn’t rocket science, in order to still indulge in those mince pies or extra few glasses of fizz, then the additional energy (calories) need to go somewhere. If you enjoy the gym, then perhaps add an extra session to your week. If the gym is not your thing, then just try adding a little more activity to your day. Instead of taking the tube or catching the bus, you could walk. Rather than taking the car to the shops, could you walk? The additional calories you’ll burn with this extra activity will add up!


3. Alternate your drinks. So this one does require some self discipline, but you could really cut down on the number of calories you consume from alcoholic drinks by alternating them with a low calorie soft drink, or glass of sparkling water. This tip is particularly good if you are going to an all day event, or you have two gatherings to attend in one day.


4. Be picky. What we mean by this is rather than piling everything you fancy from the buffet onto your plate, choose a few of your favourite things and really enjoy them. The rule here is ‘quality over quantity!’


5. It’s OK to say no. This tip is not to ruin the enjoyment of treats at Christmas, but when the biscuit tin is making it’s third trip around the office, don’t feel obliged to take another ‘just because it’s Christmas’.


We hope these tips come in handy over the festive season and come the New Year when your skinny jeans still fit, you can thank us!

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