5 Ways To Get Fit WITHOUT The Gym

Think you need an expensive gym membership to get fit? Well we are here to tell you that is absolutely not true!
Whether you choose to workout at home, in the park or on your lunch break there are hundreds of ways you can get fit without even stepping foot inside a gym.
Here are some of our easy and free ways to boost your fitness levels that you can fit into your everyday life.
move-more-walking-routes1. Walking Rather than driving to the local shop or to pick up your lunch, change into some comfortable shoes and take a walk. It may take you a few minutes longer but you’ll burn some calories and get your heart pumping.

2. Turn stairs into leg & bum toning equipment! When you’re faced with a flight of stairs rather than taking one at a time try taking two. The extra effort will get your heart rate up and you’ll be sculpting your pins at the same time!
3. Hit the park With the obesity epidemic and more of a focus on keeping us all fit and active, local councils have started providing free gym equipment in park and recreational areas. Don’t be embarrassed to hit your local park with a friend and give it a try.
4. Dance like nobody is watchinghheathoutdoorgym It costs nothing to pop on your favourite tunes and have a good dance around your living room. Not only will you be burning calories, increasing your heart rate and getting fit, you’ll also be releasing happy hormones called endorphins.

5. Focus on NEAT Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis relates to the energy we expend during normal daily activities such a gardening, chasing after the kids or walking around the supermarket to name just a few. Simply put, NEAT is the energy burnt during all daily activities except sleeping, eating or taking part in formal exercise/sports. We burn more calories doing these things than anything else, so it can make a big difference to your fitness levels.

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