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Andrew Kalen Daish Profile PictureAndrew Kalen Daish is the owner of Viking Fitness with a BSc in Sports and Exercise Science, CrossFit level 1 licensed trainer and CrossFit weight lifting trainer at Crossfit St. Albans and a personal trainer at The Fitness Society. Andrew has put together a 5 station circuit that you can do anywhere and is designed to fight those Christmas calories and get you ready to attack the year!

Jump Squat

Standing tall, feet just outside shoulder width apart, squat down until your hips are parallel to your knees. From the bottom squat position, explode up into the air as high as you can. Land and drop straight back into the bottom squat and go again.

Hand Release Press Up

Lie flat on the floor with your hands in your normal press up position, remove your hands from the ground, quickly place them back on the floor and drive up hard into the top press up position. Lower yourself back to the floor and repeat.

Walking Lunge

Standing tall, step out in front of you as far as you, kiss the ground with the back knee before driving it through and in front of you into that big lunge position. Keep that motion of walking going. On the rep scheme, these are each leg reps so warrior level is 8 each leg.

V Sit Up

Lying on your back, arms stretched above your head, engage those abs hard and bring those feet and hands together in the middle to create a V! Return to that lying position and go again! If you can, hands to feet but hands anywhere from mid shin and lower is awesome!

Single Leg Burpee

Lying flat on the floor, press up to give yourself another space to bring one of your feet close to your hands. From that position exposed up into the air and land on two feet, then drop down and repeat the motion but this time bringing the other foot forward.


Warrior – 3 rounds, 8 reps of each exercise
Battle Warrior – 4 rounds, 10 reps of each exercise
True Warrior – 5 rounds , 12 reps of each exercise

I believe individuality is key to anything we do so I have given you different levels of warrior status, find your level, work hard and attack each exercise. Remember to time yourself so next time you have a target to beat. If you beat it, move up a warrior status.

A little more about Andrew

Passion, dedication and striving for improvement are what drives me in my own training and in being a better a personal trainer and coach.
I have always been dedicated to training and healthy living from my childhood roots in rugby which led to a professional career within the sport and also the opportunity to represent Sweden which is a great honour. The opportunity to train within an Olympic environment is something I have been privileged to experience and I want to be able to share the things I’ve learned from others and inspire others to improve their own fitness to achieve their goals.
Individuality is a key aspect, whatever your goals, whatever the hurdles, with determination and support I believe everyone can achieve them.

For more information about Viking Fitness, please see below:-

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