How Egg Whites Benefit Rugby Player & Strength Coach Ollie Marchon

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Hi I’m Ollie Marchon and I’m an ex professional rugby player now working as a Health & Strength coach based in Hertfordshire. I work with a range of clientele from elite level athletes, to members of the public.

Two Chicks egg whites are a great addition to any of my nutritional plans, as they provide a great source of lean protein. This is vital for both my sporting performance & also keeping body composition in check. As a rugby player + Strength coach I lead a busy life packed with a high volume of training and work. Making sure I remain fueled & recovered is vital to operating optimally so having ingredients such as Two Chicks means I have a quick and easy protein source that is of the highest quality. I use the egg whites on a daily basis both in the mornings for my first meal and often in the evenings with my final meal. They are quick and easy to prepare and can be used in a whole host of recipes with my favorites including protein oats, pancakes, omelets & many more.

IMG_3985Nutrition has seen a shift in recent times and most strategies centre around the basic premise of calorie counting and ‘macros’. With nutritional values of 50kcal per 100g comprised of over 10g of protein they are perfect for keeping the calories low and providing a high amount of protein with next to nothing in the way of carbs & fats. If you’d like to get in touch with me regarding your nutritional needs then you can email me at or check out my website


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