n4tXwrxqSo, summer is fast approaching, which means that bikinis are going to be on, shirts are going to be off, and Pimms is going to be poured!

However.. You do NOT feel ready. You don’t want to bare your undefined stomach, your flabby arms and your thick thighs.

You want to look incredible while sitting by the pool, turning heads for the right reason. Not because people are whispering about how you gained 10 pounds since you last saw them.


Here are your options:

Option number 1 is pretty simple, provided you know how many calories you are consuming per day.
If you don’t:
What you need to do is find out your BMR (the amount of calories you burn by simply sitting and doing NOTHING- you burn more here than you may think!).
(You can use an online calculator such as this one: REMEMBER: it is not totally, 100% accurate. TRIAL AND ERROR will be necessary to find out exactly what your BMR is, but the result is a good place to start.

Once your know your BMR, you need to then put yourself into a CALORIC DEFICIT:
This is when you are consuming less calories than your body is burning.
I recommend a deficit of around 10%-15% to begin with, as you can make it more or less aggressive as time goes on.
For example, a 5 foot 10, 20 year old male who weighs 180 has a BMR of 1944 calories per day.
To lose body fat, he is going to eat between 194 and 292 calories less per day.
As he wants sustained fat loss, he chooses to consume 194 calories less per day (he chose the 10% deficit).
After some time, he is still not losing weight.. He doesn’t want to eat any less so he decides to do a bit of the second option:

Exercise is POWERFUL.
The key: find something you enjoy. Yes, at the time it is TOUGH but it shouldn’t be so gruelling that you dread and detest it.
You need to be having fun while you’re doing it. Some parts of the workout may be less fun, but overall it should be something you like doing. This will mean you stick to it and look forward to it, making the whole experience more positive.
There is no reason why you cannot try something new. If you’ve always stuck to the cross trainer, give weight training a go! The results may shock you..
Even simple swaps such as walking instead of driving, and standing instead of sitting can have a dramatic, long term positive impact!

Losing body fat takes TIME. You need to be patient to see results.
If you do not feel satisfied after only 1 week, you need to wait it out and give it a week or so longer to then make further changes.
You do NOT want to harm your metabolism by doing anything too aggressive! This is KEY when losing weight! Slow and steady wins the race (in the long term).

Of course, there are a lot of other variables but for now, stick to these basics and you will be on the right path!

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