The importance of protein for women – what’s all the fuss about?

Hello! Meisha here, writer of The Cut from where I’ve shared my competition prep experience from start to finish. Not only am I a full time personal trainer, but also a competing fitness model, less than 2 weeks out from my second show but this time with the internationally renowned, world class WBFF where I will compete as a Diva Fitness model.


So, being a girl. It’s tough. And I’m not even talking about generally living life, dealing with hormones, those ‘lady times of the month’ or men. I’m talking about being a girl with dreams to get in shape and most importantly, stay in shape. I’m sorry guys, but it’s a fact that losing body fat, gaining muscle and maintaining the progress is easier for you. All that testosterone. Humph. It’s just not fair (okay, so I might be a little jealous). BUT (and there is a but). That doesn’t mean that a killer bod with muscles popping (or even just a subtle shoulder curve and flat stomach) isn’t achievable for us. It takes dedication to the cause. Most of which comes down to the right nutrition for your goal.

Having been in the industry for 7 years, I’ve worked with A LOT of female clients, most of which come to me with the same goal.

“I want to lose weight and tone up.”

But what does this mean? Everyone’s idea of ‘toned’ is completely different. But moving forward with each and every one of them, one of the first things we discuss is their daily nutritional habits.

In order for anyone to change the way their body looks, in this instance (and I’m using this as my subject matter because it is what the majority of women want to achieve when they change their exercise and eating habits) it’s imperative a balance of the right foods are used in order to gain muscle and lose fat simultaneously. Hold on… Gain muscle? Yes. Gain. And that doesn’t mean we are going to end up looking like female versions of Arnie. In order to successfully ‘tone’ muscle needs to grow. But don’t worry, it’s dense, so instead of adding ‘bulk’, we’ll shrink and subsequently encourage the process of burning fat. #Winner.

Firstly, the main aspects of food that people recognise need to be carefully puzzled together to make the perfect plan for each individual. That’s carbs, fats and of course protein, the key component of our incredible muscles. Getting the balance correct can take a little trial and error, according to the person’s diet history, their size and a number of other factors. But something that will always be imperative is the regular intake of protein, which without, we would go into a state of catabolism, meaning our body will use protein as our main source of energy. AKA, breaking down muscle. NOT what we want!

For me, getting the best and cleanest sources of protein makes me confident that my goals will be met with ease and my body will make the most of what it’s fuelled with. Whether it’s lean or fatty, protein from natural and basic sources will always be the best for your body. Meat, poultry, dairy, fish and even supplements such as whey protein (even though this is man made, the process of its creation is clean and allows your body to utilize it incredibly easily) are always top of my list.

Unfortunately, being organised comes as part of the territory. So making food prep as easy as possible for my clients and I is key. And no, I don’t mean buying pre cooked chicken, or ready meals (yuck). I mean using specially produced products that allow you to cut out some of the work.

Egg whites are a fantastic source of lean protein, with zero fat and just 12 calories per egg. But Oh My God, how much of a faff is it trying to separate the yolks and the bit you actually want?

SEgg Whitetep in Two Chicks Liquid Egg Whites!

Having this awesome product available to me whilst preparing for my show is priceless. Not only do they last in the fridge, but there’s no mess and hassle. Just pour out your portion and voila!

So ladies, don’t be scared of upping your protein, eggs and protein aren’t to be feared. For me, a nice bit of variety allows even the most ‘boring’ of diets to be brought back to life. So, crack open a carton, make your morning omelette and scream Hallelujah! Life couldn’t get easier.

To see how I’m coping week on week, check out THE CUT. I’m in my final 2 weeks, and feeling ready to do everyone proud on that London stage. I’m just me. Lots of honestly, banter and advice surrounding my diet and training leading up to the most important performing day of my life. Wish me luck!

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