Low Carb Egg White Wraps

With the Christmas festivities in full swing, we thought we would share with you a lighter breakfast, lunch or snack idea from the very talented Hanna O Connor of @sweatsweetrepeat on Instagram.

Low carb and full of healthy fats it almost cancels out that third mince pie…

Egg white wrapIngredients

For the wraps
(recipe makes 2)

30g Two Chicks Liquid Egg White

For the filling

½ Avocado (mashed)

1 Tsp Dried chilli flakes

¼ Lemon

50g Smoked salmon

¼ Spring onion


Place a small frying pan over a low heat.

Pour a small amount into the pan so that it thinly covers the base of the pan (the thinner the tastier).

The egg whites are cooked when it starts peeling off of the pan.

Flip and cook the other side.

Repeat with the remainder of the raw egg whites.

You can fill these bad boys with literally anything – from savoury to sweet. Adding peanut butter and banana into these wraps, makes a perfectly nutritious snack that hits any sweet spot.

But, I fancied something more savoury so I served mine with smashed chilli and lemon avocado and smoked salmon sprinkled with chopped spring onion.

To eat, simply roll this bad boy up and stuff it in your mouth!

For more delicious recipes just like this one you can follow Hanna on Instagram @sweatsweetrepeat


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