Is Too Much Protein Bad For You?


As if trying to understand what is healthy and what isn’t wasn’t hard enough, were faced with headlines in the media like ‘some health foods are doing you more harm than good’ & ‘a high protein diet is as bad for you as smoking’. As soon as something is deemed good for us by one study or health professional, it’s immediately demonised by another. But don’t worry, we’re here to clear up some of these myths, and get to the bottom of what really is ‘good health’.

So let us ask you something. Is kale good for you? You’d probably answer ‘yes’ and you’d be right! Kale is great for us, it’s full of vitamins A, C and K, as well as minerals like copper, potassium and iron. Now what if we said ‘is eating ONLY kale good for you?’ you’d probably answer ‘no’. Why? Because too much of ANYTHING is bad for us. If we only stick to one food group, if we don’t consume a wide variety of macro and micro-nutrients from different foods our health inevitably suffers.

So with this in mind, we are going to tackle one of the myths going around that’s close to our hearts – protein. Too much protein is bad for your health – true! But not enough is also bad for you. Protein is the building blocks to our muscle tissue, cartilage, skin & even blood! So everyone needs to ensure they are eating protein every single day, even if you are not particularly active.

For those of us who like to live active lifestyles, and take part in exercise (of any form) protein becomes very important. When we exercise our muscle tissue is torn and damaged. In order to help it repair, recover and grow stronger, we need to consume protein. It’s this process of repair and growth of the muscle that gives us a firm and toned physique – and come on, who doesn’t want that?!

What about if you are looking to lose weight? Eating protein could be your secret weapon! How? Well protein is made up of amino acids, and its these amino acids that help to support and preserve lean muscle tissue, so your weight loss is less like to come from muscle loss, but fat loss instead! Protein also helps to keep us feeling fuller for longer, so you are less likely to cave in to the biscuit tin when those inevitable hunger pangs strike whilst dieting!

Now this doesn’t mean you should ignore all other food groups, whatever your goal might be. Having a ‘healthy’ diet is actually more about balance than anything else. But including a good quality source of lean protein, like Two Chicks Free Range Liquid Egg products everyday is important to good health.

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