Q&A with English Female Rugby Player Rachael Burford

We are proud to say that Two Chicks now sponsor English Female Rugby Player Rachael Burford! To get to know Rachael a little better we asked her some questions about her background, what she enjoys most about playing rugby and how Two Chicks play a role in her daily diet.

1 – How did you get into playing rugby?
Well… my Mum Dad,Sister and Brother all played so I was always at the rugby club and when I reached the age of 6 I was allowed to join in and never looked back since! I played at Medway RFC for 10 years, from age 6-12 with the boys then moving into the girls section from 12-16 and finally got to play along side my mum and sister in the senior women’s team for one season before moving onto a premiership rugby club. I loved my time at Medway, this is where i feel in love with the game.


2 – If you weren’t a rugby player, what would you be?
That’s a really tough question…. when I was younger I wanted to be a dancer, but my mum made me choose between rugby or dance so maybe a dancer! I also was very keen to join the army.



3 – What do you enjoy most about rugby as a sport?
The fact its a team sport is what I love about the sport, your team become your closest friends and like family. I have some of the most incredible memories and friends for life thanks to a rugby ball! I also think in rugby you feel valued because its a game for all types of people, all shapes and different athletic abilities, big, tall, short, fast, slower…. there is a place for everyone and anyone in our sport – this is what so unique about rugby.


4 – Tell us a little about your diet, what would a type day look like?
On a non-training day my day looks like this-
Breakfast- If at home will be eggs! Scrambled normally or boiled if on the go.
Lunch – Will be protein and veggies
Dinner – Meat and salad
Snacks- Fruit, nuts, biltong, yoghurt

On a training day
Fasted training – Sometimes I will have cardio pre breakfast
Breakfast – Protein shake or boiled eggs and a banana
Training- Lots of water
Lunch – Meat, veggies, rice, yoghurt, berries, pear and apple
Training – Water during and a shake or Get Buzzing bar post training
Dinner – Meat and salad or vegetables
Pudding- Total yoghurt and honey
Snacks – Wildwest Biltong, nuts, fruit

I always have a few products on me, Get Buzzing bars- the Wowbutter is my favourite, Wild West Beef Jerky and Two Chicks Chirps are all great for snacking when hunger strikes, are high in protein and all serve different needs for what my body needs, I will often have fruit on me, my fridge is always full of berries. I’m a simple cook and I like my food simple. I could eat the same meal at least 3-4 times a week! My house mate and I never cook together because she loves more variety and spice whilst I like to keep it simple. I cook all my food in Lucy Bee Coconut Oil which makes my food taste so good without adding anything extra!


5 – How do you like to include Two Chicks products in your diet?
Daily! I eat eggs a lot but I’m aware of the fat content, so I always use Two Chicks egg whites to bump up my scrambled eggs or omelettes, they are so useful without wasting the yolk!
Chirps are so tasty and rather moorish… I literally love them! Sometimes I crave savoury foods and want something filling and I find that Chirps hit the spot every time!

6 – Do you have a favourite Two Chicks product?
Eggs whites – they make life easier I use them daily! They are so convenient and I’m not wasting any food which is important. You can literally add them to anything, breakfast- scrambled eggs, omelettes and even fried egg white. I also use them in chicken stir fries as well – like a healthy Pad Thai!


7 – Do you have an ‘off-plan’ or ‘cheat’ meal? If so what would you have?
I have a sweet and savoury tooth! Not a good thing… but I love Thai food or Italian food, lasagna and pasta dishes are my favourite. Sweet… anything! Love chocolate and sweets …who doesn’t!

8 – What tips would you give to a young girl looking to get into rugby?
My first tip is always just allow yourself to be a beginner- don’t worry about getting things wrong everyone makes mistakes even players who have been playing for years. Above everything just have fun! Get stuck it! Never compare yourself to others and just try your best!

9 – What tips would you give someone wanting to improve their diet?
I try and stick to one simple rule about food and that’s to avoid processed food and refined sugar – stick to natural foods like eggs, meats, fruits, veggies and salad or products from natural sources! Food is fuel…. give your body what it needs.

10 – Do you have any particular hero or someone you look up to in your life?
As far as sports stars go, they are a few within rugby. All Blacks – Richie McCaw, his dedication to achieve greatness is incredible and totally admiring. England – Micky Skinner was a childhood hero of mine he was so fearless and ruthless I wanted to be just like him! There are a lot of past female players that I look up and respect for their dedication and commitment to playing at the elite level when the game was very amateur, their professionalism and hard work is something I always aspire to. To name a few- Helen Clayton, Amy Garnett, Gill Burns, Emma Mitchell (England), Anna Richards (New Zealand). Sorry that’s a few but they all have impacted me in some way!

You can follow Rachael on Twitter @RachaelBurf12

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