Sugar Free Egg White Meringues

In honour of International Egg White Day on 3rd April we will be sharing some of our favourite egg white recipes. Created by our friend Courtney Pruce of @thecleaneatinguide on Instagram, this recipe allows you to indulge without the guilt as it’s entirely sugar free!


* 80g Two Chicks products liquid egg whites
* 80g Sukrin zero calorie icing sugar
* 80g Sukrin low calorie gold sugar replacement (blitzed in blender to make it a finer consistency – like caster sugar)
* 225g Greek thick zero fat yoghurt (We used Fage 0%)
* 100g 85% dark chocolate (We used Musclefood’s)
* Raspberries or other fruit of your choice


1. Whisk egg whites (with an electric whisk) until they form peaks and you can turn the mixing bowl upside down without the mixture falling out!
2. Little by little, add both the sugars and whisk on a low setting until peaks are formed.
3. Line a baking tray with grease proof paper.
4. Spoon a dollop of mixture onto the lined baking tray and swirl with the back of the spoon (you should have enough for 8 medium-sized meringues).
5. Bake at a low oven heat (around 140 degrees) for 90 mins (this is more to dry them out than bake). After this time, turn off the oven and leave meringues inside to fully crisp and cool. Once cool, meringues can be stored in airtight container (unless you’re going to devour straight away…)

Method (for the filling & chocolate coating:
1. Melt chocolate in bowl over pan of hot water.
2. Once the chocolate has cooled a little, drizzle some chocolate over your meringues and leave to set in cool place.
3. To make the cream, mix the remaining luke warm chocolate with the yoghurt (or you can use Sweet Freedom Choc Shot). As the chocolate cools, the creamy yoghurt mixture will thicken nicely.
4. Spread or pipe your cream onto both halves of the meringue, adding your fruit (we used raspberries), sandwich together and demolish!!
(P.S, only fill your meringues if you’re going to eat them

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