The Importance Of Pre & Post Workout Nutrition

Pre – workout

Did you know that what you eat and when you eat it can increase or decrease the effectiveness of your workout program, regardless of how well it’s designed?

11909221_1629201397368464_720103184_n Whilst you might be aware how important post workout nutrition is, many of us forget the importance of fuelling ourselves before hitting the gym. Let me give you an example – how well do you think your car would perform if you didn’t fill it with fuel? Our bodies are exactly the same and as cliché as it may seem, you get out what you put in! Ok – so you get the point, you need to eat, but what? We suggest beginning with a low GI carbohydrate combined with a good quality source of protein such as wholemeal toast with scrambled eggs or porridge oats mixed with protein powder. To make the perfect bowl of protein oats, or ‘proats’ as it’s known, simply make your porridge as normal with either water or milk, remove it from the hob, stir in a scoop of your favourite protein powder and add any toppings you’d like. It’s as easy as that!
A pre workout meal should be consumed 60-90mintues before you plan to workout. This will give you the energy you need to perform an intense workout combined with the protein source to reduce muscle breakdown.

Post – workout

12317530_201217863548894_811052567_nGood post-workout nutrition helps to replenish energy stores, allows an increased ability to build muscle and repair any damage caused by the workout – ie less soreness!So what do you eat? A good quality source of protein is essential along with a carbohydrate. Ideally you want to get this into your system as soon as you finish working out. That’s great you say but I don’t happen to have a chicken sandwich in the pocket.
Que – the protein shake. If your protein shake already contains carbs, fantastic! If not, try combining it with a piece of fruit. Our favourite post workout treat is a smoothie made with fresh berries, banana and our Free Range Liquid Egg Whites blended with ice. The perfect blend of protein, carbs and great taste!

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