Top 5 Money Saving Nutrition Tips!


Many of us use the excuse when questioned why we do not ‘eat healthy’ that it is more expensive. To prove that healthy eating doesn’t need to be expensive we have compiled our favourite money saving tips to help you.

1. Buy in bulk. When it comes to meat or fish buying in bulk can save you a fortune. Rather than a ready meal for 1 why not buy a few kilos of chicken from your local butcher and freeze in individual bags. You can then defrost 1 or 2 bags as you need it. This can work out at nearly half the cost of buying a portion at a time.

2. Shop seasonally. Rather than buying your favourite vegetables week after week why not buy what is in season at the time. Seasonal vegetables will be far cheaper, not to mention tastier than the broccoli you buy every week which needs to be imported from across the world for 11 months of the year.

3. Back to basics. When it comes to the simple things in our shop do not be afraid to go for supermarket own brand. Be careful with processed foods like yoghurt or pasta as the quality may not be as good, but for single ingredient items like porridge oats, rice or dried fruit they are still the same thing and far cheaper.

4. Take a shopping list and don’t go when you are hungry! It may sound silly but before you make a trip to the supermarket for your weekly shop have a snack and write a shopping list. It’s surprising how much stuff you buy that you ‘need’ rather than impulse buys that you are seduced by due to your increasing hunger!

5. Pack your own lunch! Buying your lunch out everyday rather than making it in advance could save you a fortune. Preparing a little extra dinner the night before and packing it into a plastic container for the next day will not use up any more of your precious evening and it’s likely to be far healthier than the pre packed salad or sandwich you would have bought!

You can find lots of healthy and delicious recipes in our recipes section here.

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