How Using N.E.A.T Can Help You Reach Your Weight Loss Goals!

For many of us, body composition & weight management are at the top of our health & fitness related goals. For that very reason it’s important that we wise up to the wonders of NEAT.

NEATWhat is it NEAT?

Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis relates to the energy we expend during normal daily activities such a gardening, chasing after the kids or walking around the supermarket to name just a few. Simply put, NEAT is the energy burnt during all daily activities except sleeping, eating or taking part in formal exercise/sports.

The impact of NEAT

A prerequisite to all of this is that we understanding that dropping fat or gaining muscle is generally speaking, governed by one key component. That is, the relationship between calories IN & calories OUT, known, as The Laws of Thermodynamics.

The bodies’ ‘daily calorie burn’ is known as Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE) and is comprised of 3 main components.

1. Basal metabolic rate (BMR)

2. Thermic effect of feeding (TEF)

3. Thermic effect of activity (TEA)


BMR is the energy we expend to stay alive whilst remaining motionless and can account for up to 60% of your total daily energy needs.

TEF relates to the energy required to digest and absorb food & drink and can account for up to 10-15% of your daily energy expenditure.

TEA relates to all forms of activity be it deliberate exercise or daily tasks. That is where NEAT comes into play.

Sedentary individuals may only experience 15% of TDEE coming from NEAT as opposed to anything up to 50% in more active individuals.

It’s been reported that lean individuals experience roughly 2 ¼ hours of extra movement when compared to obese individuals. That equates to roughly 350 calories more burnt a day. NEAT has also been seen to increase TDEE by up to 1000-1500 per day!

Now, for many of us, eating well and regularly visiting the gym is part and parcel of our daily/weekly routine. However on average an hour of non-stop exercise, depending on the individual of course, may only burn between 300-400 calories!

Let’s face it…. how many of us exercises non stop for an hour?! The danger therefore lies in people pinning all their hopes & dreams on the 3 or 4 hours of weekly gym whether that is resistance or cardio based. In the grand scheme of things this equates to a minor amount of your daily/weekly calorie burn. Especially when the effects of exercise are negated through a poor nutritional strategy!

Practical applications of NEAT

For some people intense physical activity is just not possible due to long working hours, family commitments or physical ability. That doesn’t mean you can’t improve you body composition considerably & enjoy a healthy, happier & more active lifestyle. Below are some simple ways to ensure your improving you daily calorie burn.

Business couple talking on stairs of office building

  • Take regular breaks from the desk to get up and move about.
  • Take the stairs over lifts & escalators.
  • Park you car the other end of town when going out for food or to the
  • shops.
  • Whenever making or receiving calls, get up and walk.
  • Conduct meetings whilst walking around.
  • Join the standing desk crew.
  • Set a timer every hour or so to ensure you get up & move.

Put simply…..Get on your feet to experience NEAT!

Other tools…

We now live in an age where being accountable for our activity level is made easy through the use of step counters, activity trackers & watches. Whilst many may not be overly accurate, devices such as the Fit Bit can be a useful tool in reminding you to get up and move. It’s a small short-term investment , that can give you long-term success with weight management.


Author – Ollie Marchon






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