Woman 2 Woman – How and why we should be empowering each other!


We’ve noticed, and we’re sure you have too, that there has been an awful lot of finger pointing and shaming of one sort or another going around. From fat shaming – to fit shaming and pretty much everything in between! It’s seems it’s easier these days to belittle others in order to build yourself up, then have strong enough self worth to empower others as well as ourselves.

So we’ve decided it’s time for change, let’s focus on how and why we should be empowering each other and why it’s so incredibly important.


The first step to empowering others is to strive to empower yourself. We’ve all heard the saying ‘you cannot love someone without loving yourself’ this can be said for empowerment too. It seems in society that men with a strong sense of self worth are seen as ‘born leaders’ or it is taken as an accepted character trait of a successful man. Unfortunately however women often fear that they will be seen as ‘self absorbed’ or ‘a bitch’ with the same character traits, so continue with self negative thoughts in a quest to please everyone and not be seen as unapproachable or ‘bitchy’. I challenge you to help change this attitude and become a strong empowered woman. It’s important that ‘you get what you need, so you can help others get what they need’.


For best lifelong results we need to instil a sense of empowerment in our daughters/nieces and any young girls that are a part of our lives. Building a strong sense of self worth during a girl’s adolescence can be the strongest asset she can acquire whilst growing up. She will then carry that with her through into adulthood and it will be as natural as all her other emotions.


We are all guilty of accepting work colleagues, gym buddies or friends into our lives that are similar to ourselves. It is entirely natural to stray towards people that ‘fit’ our view of the world. We feel comfortable to complement and accept them. I challenge you to accept ALL woman you meet during your life, regardless of your religion, body type, sexual preference, or even fashion sense, we are all women and we all need to stick together. You are not just empowering the women like you. You should be empowering all women to follow their dreams, no matter what their dreams are.


Even if you do not feel confident to empower others, you can still be kind. It’s surprising how a smile, a kind word or even a small gesture can give another woman (or anyone for that matter) a positive outlook on their day. Your one kind action may seem small and insignificant to you, but it could make all the difference to that person. ‘Sometimes all it takes to cheer up our day is the act of kindness from another’ – Be that person and watch the kindness come back to you.


Before you begin to complement others it’s really important to learn how to accept compliments our selves. You put on a new dress that hugs you in all the right places and a work colleague compliments you on it and how you look. How many times have you replied ‘oh thanks, but it’s only from *insert shop name here*’ I challenge you to accept the complement, allow yourself to be complemented without having to ‘balance’ it with a negative comment. If accepting complements is difficult for you perhaps try complementing the person back? The girl in the gym you see every morning but never speak to has some great leggings on today – tell her! Complements and the acceptance of them is a great tool to feeling empowered.

Let’s add some balance back to world and start building each other up, rather than trying to tear them down; remember ‘Girls compete with each other. Women empower each other.’

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