High Protein, Low Carb (Bread Free) ‘Breaded’ Fish

Serves: 3
Preparation & cooking time: preparation:15 min / cooking time:20 min
Difficulty: easy
Cannot be frozen


– 3 fillets of fresh white fish with the skin removed
– 1 packet of Sea Salt & Cracked Black Pepper Chirps
– 6 tbsp of Two Chicks liquid egg white
– Coconut oil (for greasing your baking tray)
– Fresh lemon (to serve)


1. Pre heat your oven to 200′c.

2. Place the bag of Chirps into a food processor and blend until really fine. If you leave them too big they won’t stick to the fish very well. Pour the mixture onto a large flat plate or baking tray and set aside.

3. Pour the egg whites onto a second plate and set aside.

4. To prepare the fish, take some clean kitchen roll and pat them completely dry.

5. Then take the fillets one at a time and coat them in egg white mixture. Then immediately place them in the chirp mixture and press on as much as you can. You can repeat the process if you like an extra thick coating!

6. Place the ‘breaded’ fillets onto a pre greased and lined baking sheet.

7. The cooking time will depend on the thickness of your fish, but for the size of fillet in the picture I baked mine for 20 minutes at 200′c.

8. Remove from the oven once the fish is cooked through and the fish cooks a light golden brown. Serve immediately with a slice of fresh lemon.