Blueberries Protein Shake


Serves 1:
– 100g (7 tablespoons) two chicks free range liquid egg white
– 2 ice cubes
– 1/2 banana
– 40g of blueberries
– 1 serving whey protein powder of your choice (optional)
– 100ml water
– 100ml milk (use more milk and less water if you want a slow-release source of protein, for example, if you are drinking the shake before bed)


1. Put the ice and the banana in the blender. If you do not have a blender, mix in a shaker or stir with a fork (easier without the ice or the banana).

2. Blend until smooth.

3. Pour in the two chicks free range liquid egg white, water and milk (the protein powder can be added at this stage).

4. Blend all the ingredients together for 10 seconds.

5. Pour into a glass and drink immediately.

Serving Suggestions

The banana and blueberries can be substituted for any fruit of your choice. Likewise, juice and/or yoghurt can be used instead of milk and water.