Quick & Easy, High Protein Breakfast ‘Pizzas’

Serves: 1-2
Preparation & cooking time: preparation 5 min / cooking time 5 min
Difficulty: Easy
Cannot be frozen


– 2 Wholemeal pitta breads
– 200 ml Two Chicks Whole Eggs
– 2 Large tomatoes
– 25g Mature cheddar cheese (I tend to use full fat and use a little less as I am yet to find a decent reduced fat cheese!)
– 1 Pinch of Italian dried herbs


1. Start by chopping the tomatoes and grating the cheese so they are ready to pop on the top quickly. You may also want to preheat your grill at this point.

2. Lightly toast the pitta breads whilst you cook the scrambled egg. I like to do this in a shallow frying pan. Make sure you don’t overcook the egg as it will finish cooking under the grill.

3. Spoon the egg onto the toasted pitta breads and top with the chopped tomato, cheese and herbs. You can either it leave it like this or pop it under the grill for 1 minute or so to melt the cheese.