Light Tiramisu

Tiramisu can be oh-so heavy on the waistline – but not this version. Lighten up and love this sensational dessert!

Serves 4 / Preparation time: 20 minutes / Cooking time: none


– 2 heaped teaspoons instant coffee granules.
– 150ml (1/4 pint) boiling water.
– 4 tablespoons Marsala or Tia Maria.
– 12 sponge fingers (boudoir biscuits), broken in half.
– 200g extra light soft cheese.
– 200g 0% fat Greek yogurt.
– 1 teaspoon vanilla extract.
– 2 tablespoons Two Chicks liquid egg white.
– 1 tablespoon caster sugar.
– 30g dark chocolate, grated.


1. Put the coffee granules into a shallow bowl and add the boiling water. Stir until dissolved, then add the Marsala or Tia Maria.

2. Line up 4 dessert glasses or large ramekins. Briefly dip pieces of sponge finger into the mixture, placing three halves into the base of each dish.

3. Mix together the soft cheese, yogurt and vanilla. Whisk the two chicks egg white in a clean, grease-free bowl until it forms soft peaks, then whisk in the sugar. Fold into the soft cheese mixture.

4. Share half the soft cheese mixture between the 4 glasses. Repeat the layers of soaked sponges and soft cheese mixture once more. Sprinkle with the grated chocolate, then cover and chill until ready to serve.

Serving Suggestions

Make one large tiramisu in a suitable serving dish, rather than assembling individual desserts.

Taste the soft cheese mixture for sweetness, adding a little more caster sugar if you prefer.

Nutritional Information

Per serving
14g protein
33g carbohydrate of which 28g sugars
5g fat of which 2g saturates
0.2g fibre
121mg sodium equivalent to 0.3g salt