Customer Testimonials

I just wanted you to know that your smokey jalapeno egg white bites are not only the tastiest healthy protein snack I have eaten. They are the tastiest snack I have even ever. Amazing work! Thank you for bringing us such great products. I am an aspiring bodybuilder and one of my vices are crisps. You have killed that dead in its tracks with these beauties.



Great egg whites, last for the week and make great heart healthy omelettes, I also love that the company website tells you all about the other products they make with the yolks… Will always be a regular on my shop.

Debbie, Ocado website.


Thank you for bringing your product to Ireland. I am a weight watcher member and often look up recipes on line and most American sites use these products. I hate throwing out the yellow of an egg it’s wasteful and feeds into my catholic guilt about people starving in the world – you have now saved me and I am sure it will help me shed the lbs as I can now have eggs guilt free!! PS: Love your logo. Congrats on your product and I wish you all the best!

Rita Obyrne, Dublin


This is the BEST! No more fussing about eggs and fishing out scary bits from the yolk! I am from LA and have never been able to find just the whites in London. It’s great for high protein breakfasts on the go! When I found this product, it truly changed my life ; )

MakeupMomma, Ocado Website


Congratulations ! I am so impressed with you and can’t think why no one did this before. I have spent years dieting and years throwing away egg yolks…or worse still eating them!!

Linda Woodhouse, Leeds


Hi there, I’ve just found out about your new product ‘two chicks’ through a handout. I want to thank you for bringing out this fantastic product as I am an obsessive bodybuilder living under a very strict diet. This saves a lot of time and hassle and can be drunk on the go. Thanks again.

Sam Merritt


Hi. I am a big fan of your egg whites, and was happy to see all the stores in London that now carry them.

Breanne Henkelman, London


Dear Chicks, thanks so much for bringing out this product. It was long-needed here in the UK. Thanks!

June Pickering, Surrey


Hi Girls! The product looks great and as a health conscious person will make my breakfast rather more interesting than boring porridge and low fat yogurts!

Chris, London


Hi Anna & Alla,

I finally got my hands on your liquid eggwhites, they sold out in Dunnes near me so I had to go a little further a field. But it was well worth the trip, your product is amazing, makes it so easy to meet my protein reguirements without the hassle and waste of separating the yolk from the white of a tray of eggs. A friend of mine is very happy too, he takes about 12 eggwhites in the morning, so he goes through a carton in a day. Weve asked the manager in the Dunnes near me to get more in, so i think she is getting three cases for the next order, which is brilliant. Just thought i would drop you a mail to say how brilliant your product is.


Dave Barry