Your egg white is in my fridge.

Lloyd Grossman on Twitter

TV Chef

Two chicks egg white has been a revelation. I’m not entirely sure why, I think it's something to do with its consistency/viscosity, but it seems to make better Italian meringue (a key macaroon constituent) than egg white from separated whole eggs.

Tim Kinnaird

Macarons & More

Egg white is fat free, cholesterol free, low carb, low GI and is an excellent source of protein - the perfect health food. It is little wonder that celebrities and sports personalities use it to stay in shape.

James Haskell

Rugby Player

Two chicks egg white  takes the hassle out of the tedious ‘egg splitting’ process and means that your cakes, quiches and scrambled eggs are fat free, cholesterol free, low carb and  have a low GI.

Meg Matthews

Sweet, marshmallowy meringue - which I make with Two chicks’ free-range egg whites. I saw Monica use these on MasterChef: The Professionals, and if they’re good enough for her, they’re good enough for me!

Nigella Lawson

Celebrity Chef

Two chicks makes the perfect Royal Icing fit for a Queen.

Mich Turner

Little Venice Cake Company