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We’ve launched an Organic version of our best selling liquid egg white! Available at Planet Organic, Abel and Cole and Whole Foods Market

About Two Chicks:

Two Chicks – The Only liquid egg white in stores throughout the UK, Ireland, France, Finland, UAE and Hong Kong.

The perfect health food, our egg white is fat and cholesterol free, high protein, low carbohydrate, low GI and has 70% less calories than whole eggs. Each carton contains the egg white of 15 free range eggs, is pasteurised and contains no preservatives.

Two Chicks Egg White can be used in place of whole eggs in almost any dish for a lower calorie alternative: from omelettes, scrambled eggs, frittatas, soufflés, quiches and pancakes through to desserts.

Two Chicks Egg White is ideal for royal icing, meringues, pavlovas and macarons. It is perfect in protein shakes as well as smoothies and cocktails and because it is pasteurised, it is safe to use in recipes that require the egg white to be uncooked.

A favourite with many celebrity chefs and rugby stars, two chicks egg white has been featured on BBC Nigellissima, BBC MasterChef, Saturday Kitchen and Lorraine’s Fast, Fresh and Easy Food.

Extremely versatile, Two Chicks Egg White is great for health conscious individuals wanting to watch their fat and cholesterol intake, foodies, cooks, vegetarians, sports enthusiasts and body builders.

Convenient and with no yolk wastage, two chicks egg white has a shelf-life of around four weeks from purchase (can be frozen for up to two years) and keeps for seven days after opening, meaning you never have to waste time separating eggs again.

Find in the fridge, usually by the butter (occasionally by the milk or cream).

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